Welcome to Your Pace Yoga Studio!

Thank you for choosing Your Pace Yoga Studio to practice Yoga. Our mission is to bring yoga to everyone in the Pace/Milton community. Yoga aligns your body, breath and mind bringing health and relaxation to all. We offer a variety of yoga classes to help you find your pace. 



Jebbye Lemons, Owner/Yoga Instructor

I have never been a very active child in sports or as a young adult. It wasn't until 2010, when I realized I could run more than 3 miles. With this knowledge I kept pushing myself father; completing 12 marathons, numerous half marathons and discovered yoga while training. We began doing Bikram yoga three times a week and I loved it! In 2016 I retired from the Navy and moved to the Pensacola area. I wanted to continue doing yoga and discovered that there are more types of yoga than just Bikram. I realized I didn’t have to be flexible, strong, fit or a runner; I have found in yoga there is something for everyone. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take various types of yoga classes. Each class and instructor is so unique and different that you are bound to find one or more that suits your needs. I tend to love the powerful and hot flows. There is so much more to yoga that I wanted to expand my knowledge. This started my journey of getting 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certified at URU. I love the way I feel after a yoga class, the relaxed mind, stretched out body, and the calmness that comes over me. I wanted to bring the joy of yoga to the Pace/Milton area and opened up Your Pace Yoga Studio in June of 2018. I hope that you will take that first step and join me in discovering that Yoga is much more than a good stretch. It’s aligns your body, mind, and breath. I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, Buti© certified and have completed Mindful Resilience Training with the Veterans Yoga Project. When I'm not doing yoga I love to be outside running, biking, gardening or working on a crafty project alongside my two amazing kids and wonderful husband. We a zoo consisting of a sulcata tortoise, leopard tortoise, two dogs, one cat and a hamster.

Kristen Bio.jpg
Kristen Pierce, Owner/Yoga Instructor

In 2016, Kristen found her passion helping others find their strength and confidence through fitness. She is a certified group fitness instructor and 200hr certified yoga teacher. She began her journey searching for healthier ways to manage her own ADHD, anxiety and depression. She first developed a love for running and group fitness. These strenuous exercises lead to several injuries. Looking for other ways to fulfill her passion of fitness she found yoga. Only after a few classes she felt the mental and physical healing benefits of yoga, leading her to sign up for teacher training at URU in Pensacola. Her journey through training and the practice of yoga has opened her to a deeper level of body awareness and mindfulness in all areas of her life. Her favorite yoga classes and teaching style is a subtle energetic flow which connects the body in a careful, conscious way to experience every sensation that practicing yoga offers. She invites her students to find inner stillness in an active way to cultivate balance in all aspects of their life. This is Yoga. This is Kristen.

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Judy Dean Yoga Instructor

Judy is an RYT-200 Yoga instructor and has been teaching all levels of Yoga for over 9 years. She decided to become an instructor because of the difference she saw in her own life from Yoga and knew that she would enjoy sharing the same benefits with others. Her motivation is seeing the positive difference Yoga can make in her students. Judy has been active in Yoga for 18 years & has taught all levels of Yoga in addition to group fitness.

Meagan Yoga Instructor

I grew up an athlete playing basketball and running track and cross country. I was constantly competing and training and by the time I graduated high school I was completely burned out and not interested in any form of exercise at all. I found yoga 5 years ago and I won’t lie. I hated it at first. Nothing about the yoga postures were familiar to me and I felt silly and frustrated that I couldn’t make my body do what I wanted. But I stuck with it and after a few months it started to get easier. My body was changing! I also noticed a huge change in my every day I life. Yoga was shaping me into a better person and helping tremendously with my depression and anxiety which was a huge relief. After a couple of years I decided to get certified to teach so I could share my passion. I teach mostly flow based classes that are deeply focused on anatomy. I believe knowledge about the body empowers us to make the right choices for ourselves in our yoga practice. But my main goal as a teacher now is to guide my students through the physical practice of asana and show them how what we do on our mat can translate into skill sets to help us live better lives off our mat.

Wendy Pereira Yoga Instructor

Wendy has engaged in a personal practice of yoga on and off since her teenage years. She has served the local community as a Registered Nurse for the past 10 years. Wendy completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Breathe Yoga and Wellness studio in Pensacola, FL. Wendy’s teaching style is diverse and dynamic from gentle yoga to vinyasa like flows while interweaving Kundalini elements of practice. She incorporates essential oils, music and poetry to enhance her classes environment. Wendy’s vision as a yoga teacher is to inspire her students on their own journey of self discovery and self love. To provide a safe environment to transform their health and inner world of mind, body and spirit. Wendy offers group and private lessons.

Sandra Yoga Instructor

My name is Sandra Kooh, Yoga has been part of my life for the past 2 years. Yoga has helped me tap into my inner strengths, it has led me to live a more mindful life. I completed my 200 hour Baptiste power yoga training with Fish Tree Yoga in Pensacola, Fl. I aim to always be a student of the practice. In my classes I encourage my students to trust their capabilities and my hope is that when you step off the mat you are able to see the world in a whole new light, with a stronger mind and body.