Welcome to Your Pace Yoga Studio!

Thank you for choosing Your Pace Yoga Studio to practice Yoga. Our mission is to bring yoga to everyone in the Pace/Milton community. Yoga aligns your body, breath and mind bringing health and relaxation to all. We offer a variety of yoga classes to help you find your pace. 



Jebbye Lemons, Owner/Yoga Instructor

Jebbye Lemons began doing Bikram method yoga in San Diego in 2013 because someone mentioned it was good for runners. At the time she was running frequently, training to complete over 10 marathons and countless half marathons. After Jebbye retired from the Navy and moved to the Pensacola area she wanted to continue doing yoga and discovered that there are more to yoga then just Bikram. You don’t have to be flexible, strong, fit or a runner; she has found in yoga there is something for everyone. Jebbye decided to step out of her comfort zone and take various types of yoga classes. There was so much more to yoga, that she wanted to expand her knowledge. This started her journey of getting 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certified at URU. She loves the way she feels after going to yoga, the relaxed mind, stretched out body, and the calmness that comes over her. She hopes that you will take that first step and join her in discovering that Yoga is much more than a good stretch. It’s aligns your body, mind, and breath. "Each step reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today. Now I challenge you to take another" - Dan Poynter

Kristen Bio.jpg
Kristen Pierce, Owner/Yoga Instructor

In 2016, Kristen found her passion helping others find their strength and confidence through fitness. She is a certified group fitness instructor and 200hr certified yoga teacher. She began her journey searching for healthier ways to manage her own ADHD, anxiety and depression. She first developed a love for running and group fitness. These strenuous exercises lead to several injuries. Looking for other ways to fulfill her passion of fitness she found yoga. Only after a few classes she felt the mental and physical healing benefits of yoga, leading her to sign up for teacher training at URU in Pensacola. Her journey through training and the practice of yoga has opened her to a deeper level of body awareness and mindfulness in all areas of her life. Her favorite yoga classes and teaching style is a subtle energetic flow which connects the body in a careful, conscious way to experience every sensation that practicing yoga offers. She invites her students to find inner stillness in an active way to cultivate balance in all aspects of their life. This is Yoga. This is Kristen.

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Judy Dean Yoga Instructor

Judy is an RYT-200 Yoga instructor and has been teaching all levels of Yoga for over 9 years. She decided to become an instructor because of the difference she saw in her own life from Yoga and knew that she would enjoy sharing the same benefits with others. Her motivation is seeing the positive difference Yoga can make in her students. Judy has been active in Yoga for 18 years & has taught all levels of Yoga in addition to group fitness.

Bethany Snisky Yoga Instructor

I’ve had training in Yin yoga, with Josh Summers in 2016 at Fish Tree Yoga Studio and I’m a proud graduate of the 2017/2018 YTT group through URU. I also teach at UWF, along with subbing at Goldilocks Yoga in Pace. A car accident is what got me serious in my yoga practice, I was told my life would forever include taking pain medications and needing physical therapy. After a time of doing these things & being told “this is as good as it’s going to get”, I decided, that will not be my future. So I changed it. This took me a long time to do, but it was beyond worth it. My goal for teaching yoga is to help others feel like their old selves, or even better, like a brand new, happier, healthier human. Especially after a life hardship that has gotten them down, a car accident or anything for that matter. Yoga has made me a more gentle, kind, accepting and understanding human. If I could get others to practice and get the same kind of results for them, I would feel beyond grateful. I feel very strongly that practicing & teaching yoga is my purpose in life. The energy I get from teaching is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I look forward to learning with you. My personal favorites are, yin yoga, restorative, & gentle classes. Please, feel free to take a nap after practicing with me, I welcome your snores.

Olga Yoga Instructor

Hello, my friends. My name is Olga. I practiced yoga for almost 4 years. I was a student for URU in Pensacola, FL. I found Yoga by accident. I was diagnosed with Lupus many years ago and my health was so poor. I wanted to change my life and tried to find a way to support my body and mind. I began to go to classes as often as I can. With a great help of my wonderful teachers I began to be addicted to yoga. As a result of my growing attachment, I learned more about it and graduate from 200 hours Sivananda yoga teacher training in Tulum, Mexico. While practicing and going deep into yoga, I learned many things about myself, such as keeping calm in life, not getting attached to material things, and understanding that the discipline of yoga helps me to live in harmony with myself and with other people, animals and the environment. I like to share my yoga journey with others, bringing inspiration to others to make their lives better.

Amanda Wimms Yoga Instructor

Amanda is originally from London, England and discovered yoga in 2014 during vet school in Scotland. She fell in love with the practice finding the yin to the yang of a demanding degree, and found a new lease of life with the new framework for stress relief through mindful movement. Her veterinary career with horses brought her stateside first to Kentucky and then to Virginia where she found the perfect mentor to complete her YTT 200hr in 2017. Jess Kahn Yoga’s “Dare to Fly” program derived from the Baptiste power yoga lineage, and incorporated a 26 posture stability sequence, flow and yin yoga. Enjoying a good work out, Amanda has fun teaching powerful flows with focus on correct alignment. She also enjoys slowing her (and your!) practice down for a restorative class, giving more time to bring in elements of philosophy from the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Now in the Florida sunshine with her marine pilot better half, she is excited to be appearing on the weekly schedule at Your Pace Yoga!”

Valerie Dinger Kids Yoga

Valerie Dinger is an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor and Reading Coach. Valerie discovered her love for kids yoga after implementing yoga into her classroom structure and witnessing firsthand the calming and grounding effects it had on her students. Valerie is a military wife, mom of a 10-year-old and two GSD furbabies.